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23 January 2012 @ 09:09 pm
With, like, beautiful people around  
Hello LJ! I'm sitting here, listening to hyperpuffys Pet Shop Boys album and got a strange urge to write in english (as a result I have a request: lets pretend that every spelling mistake I make is completely intensional, perhaps an intellectuel way of proving some point, since I have a feeling I'll be far too tired to check what I have written afterwards), thus I shall indulge you all with my useless rambling!

Current obsessions:

1.Sherlock Holmes. I went to cinema to view The Game of Shadows (27.12.2011) and have been helplesly absorbing Sherlock Holmes related goods since. I headed straight to the library the next day and have now read the first two novels and almost the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I even bought a pile of Sherlock Holmes novels from Amazon and am now writing as an almost-owner of the second series, since I just ordered it. My only defence is that obsessing over English novels is a good way to study the language!  

2.Downton Abbey. Aah! Tuesday nights couldn't be more awaited! The series brings together my love for period drama, good plot and beautiful scenery. What is more, the characters are well written and beliavable. And, It's always fun to fangirl with somebody else, for Downton Abbey I have a likeminded friend<3

3. Tumblr. I have my very own tumblr-account now and I'm obsessed with it, though i don't really post anything, just reblog and like stuff. It's just too entertaining and pretty! (http://atapestrymeadow.tumblr.com/)

4. Finnish presidential election. I was silly excited when I got my ballot paper earlier, finally I'm 18(!!!) and can vote. I was full of desire to vote, for once I got a chance to have, however litte, a chance to state my mind and I was going to take it. Even more excited I got last night when Pekka Haavisto was elected to the second round, I'm so very proud of Finland!    
AND I got a job! I shall be working for the local museum starting this February! I'm so excited, it feels like I'm taking a step towards future. I'm going to apply to university to study history, so this work is like a dream!

Yes, I should be studying for Matriculation exams right now, history doesn't read itself, neither does math. (believe me, I have waited for it to happen).
+ I would be eager to share pictures of my goods in here, but have no skils what so ever with computers, so I don't know what I should do with them in order to make them smaller >___<  
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Current Music: Beautiful People - Pet Shop Boys