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02 August 2011 @ 12:06 pm
Defying Gravity  
So it has really been a while, and a lot of things have changed. My writing language being one of them. I thought, I would re-start writing in livejournal (which I have been mercilesly ignoring for such a long time already) and a part of this tought was that this could be a very good way for me to improve my english and use it. Not just in school, but in real life too. I know my english is good but I'm very insecure about it and don't trust myself when I try to communicate with it. I have this constant need to do things right and in english making mistakes is so much easier. Now I want to step out of my comfort zone and try my wings at this. So I hope my mistakes aren't too hard to deal with and constructive critique is something I would love to receive! (I really need help with punctuation!)

So I know the only ones who read this little LJ diary of mine are my friends but i really don't do this for anybody else, than myself so I'm going to keep it as lightheaded as it has been. This is a place for me to fangirl over anything  and everything in my life.
Because this will be a kind of cathing up post, it may become ridiculously long, so if you (my friends) don't want to yawn through silly ramblings about glee, Merlin, or anything else from my range of things to adore atm. you can stop now, everything remotely important has already been said <3 

It's summer vacation and I have been watching far too much TV. But can I help it? They are airing all my favourite series over the summer and thus unabled me from going outside. OC, glee, Gossip Girl, Merlin, Criminal Minds! Love is in the air! 
First OC. Even through all the nostalgia I feel because I can watch my alltime favourite TV serie again, I see that OC is a very good series. I think it's a lot more realistic than many other, at least in the firsth season. The characters are beliavable and, most of all, lovable. Yeah, I have had a crush on Seth Cohen/Adam Brody since primary school, but all the Cohens are amazing! I just love Sandy and Kirsten together! Sandy Cohen is a legend to me. He is so funny and caring that you can't do anything but love him. Ryan is surprisingly good lead character, I can handle Marissa, and Summer is just adorable! Even Anna is a good character, in her own way, though I personally don't like her. Even though my mother thinks nothing else happens in that series but fighting and parties, I think it's a lovely series about family and the problems of the youth. (gosh, I sounded old!) 

(Sidenote, containing even more useless rambling. Also a series which has many parties, Gossip Girl: I'm watching series 3 in Finlands paste and haven't really been feeling the love I had for that series in seasons 1 & 2. I mean, what are they doing to Blairs character?! I can see how everything, trying to take over NYU, and all that can fit her but come on that's just the easy way out! And all the other storylines have been very boring to me. I love it every time Chuck and Blair are on the screen! They have had good moments and I loved it when Chuck was the more comitted one and that they are a real couple. But there's so much wasted potential! Why isn't there any Chuck&Blair plotting? One should think when they are in a relationship they would plot together not separetly (and stupid plots may I add! Blair is so childish I can't take it! Stupid writers!)! And, just when I tought the old GG was coming back in the Thanksgiving episode and Barts death anniversary episode, they bring the dead mother back!? WTF, this is not The Bold And The Beautiful! Why would you sink GG to that level stupid writers!?)

But. GLEE.
I'm in love with glee. It fullfils my secret love for musicals, is filled with amazingly talented actors, combines music and drama with comedy and just makes me happy!  
Glee is funny and it makes me smile. I have been feeling a little down with no reason quite a long time now but every time I watch something glee related I can't help but smile and enjoy. Glee brings joy and even more. Glee is a comedy (really a dramedy) with a message. I like Gossip Girl but I'm no Blair Waldorf. Glee is about underdogs and misfits, it's about being yourself no matter what that means. I love it how glee can bring so many important messages in every episode, while remaining funny and light. Ultimately it's a show about acceptance. Why people hate so much? Why is being different a bad thing? It isn't! And glee is not all about love triangles and that kind of drama, there is friendship! 
I have never been a fan at this level. I can't wait for the new season to begin, I have been watching glee online, uploaded music to my meizu, and now wandered all over internet in LJ, tumblr and twitter (tumblr interests me, does somebody know how it works, or do I have to turn to wikipedia?), collecting unhealthy amount of pictures about Chris Colfer, Kurt, Klaine, glee in general etc. (I even got stupidly excited when I accidentally bought a pair of shoes and the label was Hummel! Haven't been wearing them much ^__^) I yearn for news about it and even watch The Glee Project because I need something glee related while I wait for season 3!
I have a feeling that I'm going to write myriads more about glee, so maybe this is enough for today... 

And yes, there is still one series I have given my heart to: Merlin. That show is an endless source of girlish giggles and sheer crack. The idea is very good in a weird way: young Merlin and young Arthur. "In the land of myth, and the time of magic, the destiny of a great king rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name. Merlin." (And YES I do know the opening line by heart) But then you watch it and are like this is it? A little bit of authenticity would not hurt and I wouldn't watch it if it wasn't simply so damn entertaining! I will admit, I only started watching Merlin because Colin Morgan and Bradley James are so good looking and because of the slash I saw already in the commercials (well who wouldn't!?). And, I thought, I would stop watching it after seeing the firsth episode, but maybe it was the chemistry between Merlin and Arthur that kept me with the series (see how well I put it xD), or just Colin Morgans cheekbones, but I've grown to love the peculiarity of the series. Merlin is an adorable dork! His goofy smile could melt icebergs, and no one can deny the utter hotness that is Arthur. Even Gaius' eye brows are a reason enough to watch it! And of course the slash that just writes itself has made Saturdays the highlights of my week (how sad is that! x) I cant argue with the Great Dragon! Arthur and Merlin truly are "two sides of the same coin".  

And for the ending a little bit about me. Whole June I have been feeling a little off my game. I felt like I was in some kind of fog I couldn't get out of. A lot of it is due to my allergy medication, I think the pills make me so sleepy and numb that I kinda just floated through June and most of July too. Now I have stopped taking them (since hay isn't blossoming anymore. At least not as heavily as it did.) and I feel so much better! Much more alive! I almost think I could have beared the runny nose and itching eyes just because maybe then I wouldn't have missed half of my summer vacation! The haze I have been in may also have something to do with the fact that I was tired because of school. I really haven't done anything over summer vacation (except went to LONDON!!! But that deserves an own post!) but I guess that just means I have rested well for the next school year.

This post is becoming monstrously long (and I didn't even get to praising Chris Colfer ;__; ) so I better stop before it expands any more! My comeback to LJ has begun! :D .

AND (I just can't stop, can I?) I have two words for you: GACKT and STOCKHOLM

P.S I was supposed to post this on friday but LJ wouldn't let me

Current Mood: geekygeeky
Current Music: Glee cast - Don't you want me
Stupid fangirl: haters to the lefthuffy_chan on August 4th, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
... Okay I think I'm going to kill you because you're english is so goooood and now I'm just pissed off because I can't write like you do (though I'm already in a bad mood because my hb is too low so I couldn't... give blood? Well, you know what I mean).

But yey, somebody actually updates again! :D My friends page is nowdays only about Arama lol.
Miss Rii, wonderchild.blindcottonlove on August 5th, 2011 10:23 am (UTC)
So you tried again and they said 'no' again at Veripalvelu? D: ('donate' is probably the word you're looking for btw) sucks. But it seems it runs in our family since the same thing stopped Katja from donating and I couldn't either. Try eating iron pills for three months, it should help. Also, sometimes you can't help it -the hb rate might be low for average people but for us it's probably normal :/
Stupid fangirl: kojiharu//fattyhuffy_chan on August 5th, 2011 06:16 pm (UTC)
Someone from the Punainen Risti is going to call me someday and tell the results of the test they made while I waited for mom (yeah mom was allowed to donate) and I don't know, I probably how to go to take more test's later. The lady who interviewed me said that my hb can also be mark of some sort of disease. Few years back it was 82 and now it was 99 (mom had 143, what the fuck?) and it has to be 125 before you can donate.

I'm currently on qualifying period (again) for six month's before I can try again... This suck's, really.
natsumegunatsumegu on August 5th, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
*blush* Thank you!

I would like to donate blood too! But I don't dare because the last time they took blood from me the woman didn't find my blood vessel and it hurt >___< she tried from my both hands!

Hey! What do you say if I'm going to brainwash you to watch Merlin? ^___^
Stupid fangirl: moeno//peacehuffy_chan on August 5th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
Ahahahahaha... I try to watch it every Saturday after O.C but it's just so... Merlin. But you can always try! :D
Miss Rii, wonderchild.: eita//loving you assholeblindcottonlove on August 5th, 2011 10:42 am (UTC)
Yey, welcome back! :D Livejournal has been under constant DOS attacks from Russia since spring and that's why the site keeps acting up. (Livejournal's server is located in Russia and many Russian anti-government people use it as their blog base. The rumor has it, the government itself is attacking Livejournal in the form of hackers to prevent the activists from spreading their thoughts.)

Also, I sympathize with you: when I started writing in English some five-six years ago, it was nerve-wrecking. I'm still neurotic about my fics in English although I know my skills are far above average. I try to remind myself about the fact that most AMERICANS and other native English speakers write badly because they haven't had similar English lessons as we foreigners have :) And, in my humble opinion, your English is very pretty, flowy and pleasant to read, so just sit back and relax! Writing is mostly about enjoying the text, mastering grammar comes second^__-

(About punctuation I can say that in English the rules are very lenient. They have this consept of "thought commas", meaning whenever you would pause your speech to think, adding comma in writing would be okay. Also, after sivulause it's also convenient to throw in a comma. Like, "Lips pursed-up, he stood up and walked out of the room", or, "He walked down the street, whistling and dancing." Comma often replaces the word "and". Also, when quoting speech there's the difference between Finnish and English:

"Hän aikoi hypätä sillalta", Anna sanoi.
"He was going to jump off the bridge," Anna said.)

WTF sorry, I just ended up rambling about grammar 8D; I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bore you ;) I'm always willing to help, although I'm not super good at it either :)

Gossip Girl! Contrary to you, I love the season that's currently airing in Finland :D For me, the plot's somehow juicier than before, and I love the Blair-Chuck -thing that's going on♥ However, I'm not really supporting Vanessa and Dan (Dan+Serena forever -which is a bit problematic since I totally ship S's mother and D's father too 8DD) and Serena has been annoying lately with her stunts and gimmicks.

GLEE has never been one of my favourite shows. The first season was pretty boring, I couldn't really relate to the characters and I hoped Rachel would commit suicide or something. The gym teacher was about the best thing in the whole show. But, the show's gotten better now, too! :D Rachel finally letting go of Finn was nice to see, and the songs are more interesting now tbh.

LASTLY before I end this mega comment, I got a tumblr just two days ago! A friend forced me to make one, and I'm getting totally hooked :Dv It's actually quite easy to use after you've gotten into it. Basically you just reblog or like pictures you find nice.
natsumegu: Eddie Redmaynenatsumegu on August 5th, 2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
It's good to be back ^___^

WOW! I did not know that. (but if that really is the case I'm kinda proud to be a part of something that helps 'Russian anti-government people', though I don't really make any difference there x)

Thank you so very much about the grammar lesson^^ It doesn't bore me at all! In fact I have always admired you, because I think your english is so good! (would you have any tips on how to use the word 'and' less? I thought I used it far too much, but didn't know how to replace it)

Gossip Girl! Really? I love Chuck and Blair too! I was very surprised that their relationship has been written so well, but I think there is not enough of it (What, the show isn't all about them!? XD ) But last episode was awesome! And I hope I now get the Chuck&Blair plotting I have been waiting for! (and I still think bringing the dead mother back was lame)
I have always thought Serena is annoying, but Jenny is even more annoying!

GLEE has its weak spots like every series, it lacks continuity and isn't that well written apart from the characters. And I personally don't like Rachel or Finn at all, but what I really love is the music and comedy as well as the inspiration and message GLEE brings. In the end I don't hate any of the characters because the whole show is about antihate. And, I must admit, I love Kurts character and broadway songs he sings which is a big part of why I love GLEE.

Aah! Maybe I could too dare to make an account in tumblr!
Thank you, for the mega comment! I think my reply has become equally mega :D